I see alot of people searching Google for how to start a fan site.  That is why I started this site.  I wanted anyone who wanted to show love for there favorite star a place to do so for FREE.

You can create a fan site for anyone you want for free at www.fansite.biz. There are no restrictions or qualifications like most free hosts.  This site is bulit on the WordPress platform and you will get your own wordpress blog to use for free.  I will even provide a free coppermine photo gallery for you so you can show off your fan art or photos for others to enjoy.

Most fan site hosts just provide you hosting and maybe a domain name.  The rest is up to you. You need to find software to use for the site and then upload the software.  It is not that these things are hard, it is just most have no idea how to do this.  I love celebrities and now I can create a site for anyone I want really easily.  If you want a free celebrity fan site just email me and tell me what you want.  Due to spammers I had to turn ff the auto signup function. Just goto http://fansite.biz/contact/ amd send me an email and I will set it up ASAP.
Since I do love celebrities I will always try to help you as much as possible and show you tips and tricks how to get free pics for you site and find useful things to add to your free fan site.  Cant wait to hear from you.

Written by Kevin - Visit Website