Promoting a fansite is now easier and than ever and FREE!

1) The best way to get people to find out about your site is to apply for the proper niche of Affiliates. If your celebrity is a pop singer don’t apply to be an affiliate with a rock band – the people who visit that site are not typically the same type of people who are going interested in pop music. If you apply and get accepted as an affiliate at a popular rock band’s fansite, yeah you might start getting more visitors for a little while but guess what, they are not targeted visitors so they are not going to feel the need to come visit your site again. Applying for affiliates can also help your ranks on Google Search if you choose the same niche of affiliates as your site is targeted towards.

2) A great way to get a steady flow of visitors per day is to be active it celebrity forums. Post news on the topic of your fansite at all the forums you registered at.

3) Take advantage of Twitter. Register for a free twitter account for your fansite and begin to post links to your news updates including the title of your news updates and you will notice that people that are interested in your website will begin to follow you on Twitter and soon enough might even begin to rely on your Twitter posts to receive their latest celebrity news. This is a great promotional tool to your fansite and can bring in loads of traffic.

4) Use sites like Digg to submit your content so other people can find it and “digg” it. This can help internet users find information on the celebrity that your fansite is on.

Written by Kevin - Visit Website